Muloobinba Aboriginal Corporation - Supporting Aboriginal Families in the Newcastle Region

A: Unit 2, 22 Portside Crescent, Maryville 2293 - PO Box 208 Broadmeadow NSW 2292
PH: 02 4969 5299 F: 02 4969 5023 E:

Providing culturally appropriate and sensitive supports to Aboriginal people in times of need

Staff Profiles


Petrice Manton- Chief Executive Officer/ Principal Officer/Head of Agency


Ashlea Matthews- Human Resources
Donna Croese-  Trainee Administration Officer
Desiree Collins- Finance Officer
Ethan Smith- Finance Officer
Shannon Thrift- Program Support
?Caleb Smith- Program Support


Family Services

Kelly Drury- Family Services Manager
Kathy Dews- Child & Family Support Worker
Steffanie- Lockwood- Parenting Support Worker
Veronica Simon- Family Support Worker
Michelle Schumacher- Aboriginal Abililty Linker
Jason Pitt- Aboriginal Ability Linker
Jade Hugo- Aboriginal Ability Linker
Rosie Richards- Intense Family Support Caseworker-
Emma Russell- Inense Family Preservation Caseworker
Danielle Luck- Intense Family Preservation Support Caseworker

Cultural Journeyz- Out of Home Care

Amanda Lorimer- Casework Manager
Tiannan Banks- Trainee Caseworker
Lisa Harsman- Caseworker
Shiralee Callaghan- Caseworker
Ron Robinson- Caseworker
Mathew Simon- Mentor
Cameron Manning- Mentor
Shawn Stowe- Cultural Caseworker

Nikinpa Aboriginal Child & Family Centre

Emma Beckett- Centre Manager
Morgen Smith- Nominated Supervisor
Bianca Rowland- Administration Officer
Aaron Haynes- Cleaner/Caretaker
Renee Gillon- Cook

Teaching Staff

Tobi Andrews- Early Childhood Teacher & Educational Leader
Leanne Manning- Diploma Educator
Ashley Ninness- Diploma Educator
Patricia Johanson- Diploma Educator
Melissa Anderson- Diploma Educator
Hayden Edwards- Certificate III Educator
Brittany Edwards- Certificate III Educator
Renee Lydiard- Certificate III Educator
Sarah Woods- Certificate III Educator
Sheree Cunningham-Certificate III Educator